Monday, June 7, 2010


(my upper right K9)

Today, Ashley had her Wisdom Teeth removed. So now, Caroline, Matty, David, Rachel, AND Ashley have all had their Wisdom Teeth removed. In Arabic, the word for wisdom teeth (
ضرس العقل ) literally translates to "The tooth of the mind." Due to the fact that I have slow tooth development (ex: my upper right K9- see above), I still have all of my Wisdom Teeth. This makes me that last Raynor kid that has "The tooth of the mind." But does this make me the smartest Raynor?? Yes, I believe it does.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


And more.......
Pretty sure this didn't mean peace, I believe it meant only 2 more.
And my personal favorite: The Zoolander Pose

Here's the post I had just put up - but Katie took down before anyone could share in my fun...

"So, I was going through the camera the other day and found several pictures of KATIE and me. If this had been a 35mm camera, it would have been a whole roll of film. It reminded me of those photo booths where 4 or 5 pictures of you and your best friend are taken in quick succession. So here are a few of my favorites. And this is what I summarize from that: Katie and I are best friends, Katie is having a great hair day, or Ashley loves to take pictures - especially when she's forced to... take your pick. "


KATIE is my FAVORITE DAUGHTER EVER!! She is very awesome and never ceases to make me smile. She is better than all my other daughters combined. I LOVE THAT GIRL!!


After the big blowout - this was nothing like the 1993 Baja version!
It's become a tradition - having Bart and Lisa at Ashley's birthday dinners. Thanks for coming, we love you!
Lisa could not figure out how to light the candles - next year we go back to matches...

January 28, 2010 was Ashley's 17th birthday! I can hardly believe she is that old. Before I know it she will catch up to me... When she was about eight weeks old, Thales and I took a road trip to Loreto, Baja California (one of our favorite family places to go) and we took Ashley with us, while my mom and dad cared for the rest of the kids. Needless to say, the spicy food didn't settle too well with Ashley and she was pretty darn fussy. Justifiably so. While we were at one of Thales' favorite places to eat, this Mexican Abuelita came to our table and was talking to Thales about why Ashley was crying and giving tons of advice. Somewhere in the conversation it came out that she was our fifth child. Our little Abuelita told him that there is a saying down there - "No hay quinta mal!" Translated meaning - "There is no bad fifth." Ashley is one of a kind. In our family she is the only one with brown hair, the only one with brown eyes, and probably has the most easy-going nature about her. She is kind, loving, and generous. Ashley is the BEST fifth child anyone could ever have! Happy Birthday baby.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parker Pictures and Last of San Diego

Cory was able to come for Christmas Eve - I think another of my favorite memories would be Cory playing and singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Yep - pretty sweet.

I was working on a Christmas present and the next thing I know, they set Parker on my back - she was totally still and content - unbelievable.
Is this not the cutest?
I just threw this in the mix because I think it's so cool looking! I guess I could have drawn a wet suit on him and then you'd know exactly what the boys looked like out there "shredding" (don't know if that's the proper term...) the waves in San Diego! I'm sure it was much colder than Hawaii, but Matty and Seth went out probably two or three times a day.
One of the many wave checks. Thomas, Seth and Matty were regularly watching the waves. They would run across the street and if the waves looked good, they'd run back, grab their boards and wetsuits - then they were off.
Ashley and Tommy at Sea World.
Thomas loves Parker.
So does Grandma. :-)

Here are a couple shot of Parker in her "nursing coma." Lindsay would finish nursing her, hand her off to the many who wanted to hold her and she was out - totally happy and satisfied.

Christmas Day and Sea World

I'm beginning to think the older I get the better Christmas gets!
Rachel, Matty, and Thomas in the play area at SeaWorld. I know Caroline, Seth, Lindsay, Ashley, and Katie were in there too... I just could never get their pictures taken.

Watching these incredible dogs and cats at SeaWorld.
I got a bag of GIANT size marshmallows from Caroline and Seth. But I thnk my favorite gift from them is the 12 jars of apple pie. Now if I can only pace myself - that would be a pie a month. Unfortunately I've already eaten 2.
Matty and Lindsay gave Rachel one of Matty's shoes for Christmas... actually, it is a representation of the NEW van's that they are going to get for her.


This was the best Christmas I have had in probably 15 years. I can't express how wonderful it was. For me, it was 10 days of pure joy - being surrounded by kids and grandkids. And on Christmas Day... Elder Raynor called and made the day perfect! Thank you Caroline, Seth, Thomas, Matty, Lindsay, Parker, David, Rachel, Ashley, and Katie for the best Christmas gift ever.

So let me share some of my favorite memories...

Rachel and Thomas playing harmonica while Rachel, Parker and Thomas dance.
Making cookies with Matty and Rachel while Parker naps on the kitchen counter.
Rachel and Tommy watching horse videos on YouTube.
Matty and Parker at 2am. (Couldn't resist this picture.)
Rachel and Katie enjoying each other's company.
Caroline and Tommy potty training.
Thomas' new talent - creating strong and durable snot bubbles.
Rachel and Parker at 1am. Every night that I happened to looked in on them, Rachel had her computer up and running and was surrounded by Kit Kat wrappers. :-)))
Matty at 5:30am shift. Lindsay and Matty work so well together - what great parents.